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36. Finlandia Canoe Relay 2021 in Finland on the route Jyväskylä Ruotsinpyhtää 12th-18th of JUNE 2021

”Finlandia Canoe-relay”, in finnish: Suomi Meloo –kanoottiviesti, is an international canoe event, which will be arranged in June 2021, for the 36th time. The event is the longest canoe/kayak-relay in the world and takes place in the most beautiful watercourse of Finland. Suomi Meloo is an unique event which goes on for 5-6 days in a row, and participants paddle together at a speed of 6 km per hour. About 50 teams and 400 paddlers are supposed to participate in the event. You can enjoy the magnificent nature of Finland; sunsets and sunrises and explosure the bright nights of nordic summer.

Suomi Meloo is an exercise-event not a championship. Participants also get to enjoy undestroyed nature and friendly people. The route itself is safe, and a security team will be attending all relay long, in close co-operation with the relay management. Because of this it is also safe for beginners to take part in the event. Yearly there are teams from various companies, club teams and family teams who attend the event. In one team there are usually 6-12 paddlers. In summer 2021 the total lenght of the route is over 400 km.

For futher information please contact operation manager Mr. Kari Hellström. You are welcome to contact us in the following addresses and telephone numbers mentioned below.


The easiest way to register for the race 2021 is to send an email. After registration we will send you an invoice with our bank account number. Registration shall be made not later than 30.3.2021 for groups.

The start-fee in 2021 is 200 € per team and 90 € / paddler. The registration is official after the registration fee is payed.

Welcome to participate!

Kari Hellström Suomi Meloo ry tel. +358407703658 e-mail: kari.hellstrom @